Saturday, February 1, 2014

The February Edition of TSW Daybook

                                                                 For Today: Feb 1, 2014

Outside my window...
Bitter cold with left over snow here and there from last week's brutal blizzard.

Praising God...
For the good life he has given me.
So many friends I grew up with are losing their children in accidents recently.
It breaks my heart to know what they are going through with such loss.

In prayer for...
Friends that have lost their children and friends going through so much pain in their life..

I am thinking...
About the relationship (or lack of) that I had with my exes mother.
To this day I try not to think of those bitter pill years with her but sometimes I can still hear her putting me down and criticizing me when it is quiet... gently disguised as my own thoughts.

When I feel sad I remember her and I get nervous. I drop things. I screw up in the kitchen 
by botching a perfectly good recipe all by myself. She always tried to make herself out to be so perfect that nobody could compete with her or her son making me always feel uneasy or unworthy.

*I find in my own mothering skills I just try to be a real person for my daughter
and not some perfect image that she can never replicate of what the perfect mother should be.

I am thankful...
For God showing me the right way to go with my life.
I see friends from our old neighborhood being addicted to drugs,
getting cancer at alarming rates, and doing everything under the sun,
except giving their lives over to God for him to help them through their struggles.

In the kitchen...
Need to sort through which jars that have lids and which that don't..

I am wearing...
Pink and Blue Pajamas.

I am creating...
A new website with my tax refund this year.

I am going...
To mail a package to a friend.

I am wondering...
If my beautiful lemon trees are going to make it or not.
They got a bit of the freeze on their branches and suddenly got all dried
up like they are dying. They gave us lemons all winter. I would hate to lose them now.

I am reading...
Becoming the woman God wants me to be by Donna Partow. A beautiful read!

I am hoping...
That the lemon seed from our lemon trees germinate so I can get more growing as quick as possible.

 I am looking forward to...
The warmer weather coming soon. I stay cold all the time now.
I wish I could be one of those women you see skiing down the slopes
wearing only a tight pair of spandex pants.
But not me..... I wear 4 pairs of pants and four heavy sweaters (under) my coat to go play in the snow. I end up so big and bulky that I look like and move around like a sumo wrestler out there in the snow.

I am learning...
I can't do it all.

Around the house...
The compost bin is filling nicely thanks to the bunnies and the chickens.

A favorite quote for today...
She speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue. 
She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.   
~ Proverbs 31:26-27

One of my favorite things...
Pistachio Gelato.
I love it!

A few plans....
Monday- Mail package, groceries.
Tuesday- rotate compost bin.
Wednesday- clean car & truck.
Thursday- print new home binders.
Friday- get ebay stuff uploaded for sale.

A peek into my day...

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  1. I don't think I have ever had pistachio gelato. Thanks for stopping by my blog..come back anytime you like. Blessings