Saturday, December 14, 2013

A December Kind of Daybook

FOR TODAY December 14, 2013
Outside my window...
There is a thick frost on the ground. Everything is frozen.
Except my beautiful Meyer Lemons! Weeee!

I am thinking...
I did a really bad thing!
I should not have tried to edit this blog template after a very long day.
 It resulted in losing everything on here except my post entries.

Thankfully I saved the pics into a small folder called Blog stuff so I
uploaded them all again easily enough. Still, it was very time consuming and
frustrating to hit the button and lose it all.. I thought I had downloaded a backup but it wasn't
downloaded completely and therefore was screwed up.

I am thankful...
1. I have two book covers completed and all of the books now have ISBN numbers.
Now I need to finish some of the books themselves and create the pdf files for the covers to upload them to amazon.
2. I  harvested 6 more lemons this week. We have more than enough for fresh lemonade
to get us through the whole of winter. I haven't been sick one time. Must be the fresh vitamin C.
3. Extra money is coming in every week and that means we are getting a lot of stuff done that needs it. The new truck will be paid off in no time. Maybe only 4-5 more payments to go and it will be all mine!

In the kitchen...
Unsure of what to do. The floor needs new linoleum but I can't find the same color pattern.
The whole thing didn't need to be pulled up so I need it to match the other areas frugally.
Lowe's has mostly Tuscan brown colors right now (God give me strength to control myself not to turn the whole kitchen Tuscan themed while there) because it is so tempting.

I am wearing...
A silver patterned blouse and a long white scarf
Green fashion leggings and brown knee high leather boots.

I am creating...
A better shelf system for the kitchen spices.
My family is wacko over this and that steak
grilling spice so there must be 20 different kinds of each spice cluttering
up every counter now because I have run out of space for them.
(We have become spice hoarders.)

I am going...
With the family to the mountains for Christmas.
We started a new tradition a couple of years ago.
There is nighttime shopping, go cart tracks, aquarium, museums, streets filled with Christmas
lights, parades, skiing, street vendors, so much more fun stuff because the mountains come alive
in the winter time. So much fun to go there. You can park miles away and walk down the
mile long streets to every attraction in the area.

I am wondering...
If the new stray cat is warm enough with the little doghouse I got for her on the porch.

I am reading...
1. Womb Wisdom
2. God's little devotional Journal
3. About the mysteries of Mary Magdalene. I am always interested in learning more.

I am hoping...
To redo the greenhouse with more shelves this spring.
To buy another greenhouse.

I am looking forward to...
Getting away for Christmas. I am so excited about it.
Living with a divorced mother we never had any real Christmas traditions
the way I try to do now with my family. I am trying to making lasting memories for my daughter.

I am learning...
About Walipinis as a greenhouse. OMG what a great concept!

Around the house...
Cleaning out the closets. Wow that has been epic for finding lost things :)

I am pondering...
Whether or not to buy some camel colored paint for the living room walls.

A favorite quote for today...
Through the mists of our time, true kings and queens are being born.
And in their wake- a legacy of elegance, sovereignty, and almighty compassion.
~Anaiya Sophia

Some of my favorite things...
1. Salted caramel goodies from Starbucks.
2. Hearing about friends from my past or from school overcoming their problems  and setbacks
and are moving forward with their lives.
3. Mashed Avocado spread on sandwiches
4. Fresh picked lemons for lemonade.
5. Comfort food and warm vegetable beef soup.
6. Electric blankets.
7. Warm socks in boots.
8. Warm greenhouses.
9. Fireplaces.
10. White hot chocolate.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
1. Emptying out the kitchen pantry.
2. Making some scrapbook pages.
3. Cleaning chicken coop.
4. Getting the stuff for Christmas dinner.

A peek into my day...
My daughter with her new (short!) haircut and her friend.

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