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Simple Woman's Daybook- October 1, 2013

                                                   FOR TODAY- October 1, 2013

 Celebrating this cooler weather by being outside for 30 minutes a day (30 minute outdoor challenge)

Outside my window...
* There is a lot of fog moving slowly across the creek when the cold air mixes with the heat of the sun. Gives me almost an eery feeling right out of a horror novel. It's as thick as puffy clouds.

I am Hearing...
The evening news. Things in this Country are going from bad to worse.

I am Thinking of...
* Redoing the living room for winter to gear up for using the fireplace again. The possibility of buying a large area rug in a red or darker fall color pattern and a darker coffee table.
* Uploading the pics from our weekend at the corn maze (so much fun!) for a Fall scrapbook page.

I am Thankful for...
* God being merciful in in our lives.
* Recently we found out his dad died but it is now considered by police an accidental homicide because he was wrestling with a young guy at a party on memorial day and the guy broke his neck and spine making him paralyzed. He went to the trauma center but there was nothing that could be done for him. It caused the family a lot of sadness and angry hurt feelings there wasn't enough time to be with him again the way the boys wanted to. They didn't even get notified until after he died and his sister threw everything he owned into goodwill without another thought and we only lived a few hours away from him. We should have at least been able to go to him and say goodbye or pay our respects. No charges can be filed on the kid for body slamming him. 
* Any young man of good character should know never to wrestle an elderly man, no matter how tough he seems on the outside.
* It is in the low 50's here and my new flat panel chicken coop heater arrived just in the nick of time! It is a softer heat than the infrared lamp and much safer. (However I found one for half the price today at Lowes!)
*  The continued health of my mother and my family.
* My daughter becoming a young woman. It seems kind of soon at 12 but that is when I blossomed as well.
* Spending time with my daughter out in public and her acting like a respectful young lady.
*  Writing a book about parenting an ADHD child and living to tell about it. I can't wait to get it published!
* For my past. Even though bad things happened to me God gave me a second chance. A rebirth. A chance to pull my life back together after my accident. And a voice and the knowledge to share my journey with others. There are other women that suffered too and I know that I was never alone.

In the Kitchen...
* A recipe I found on pinterest called Overnight Oats.
It uses 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup oats, 2TLBSP Chia seeds, 2TBLSP-PB2. Let sit in fridge overnight then eat. OMG it is delicious and healthy for you too!

* A new sweet cake with orange zest recipe from The Chew.
* More whimsical rooster stuff. Like a kitchen sign. Pot holders. Kitchen towels.
* Several pretty french plates with cute sayings on them to hang up.
* Repaired the weak kitchen floor that was warped for a long time.

I am Hoping...
* That this winter isn't going to be a really bad one. Last year it was mild compared to most winters past but I have already heard some snow stories and it is only fall. Our pipes freeze so we have to save up water (around 100+ gallons or more) in case it is a week or two until it comes back on.
* That I didn't go too badly over my tight budget on household items this paycheck.
* That I can move a book shelf into my walk in closet to help hide my book hoarding habit. My entire bedroom is filled with research books that need to be put away somewhere out of my continued sight for a while.
* That I can get all of my outside to-do lists finished before winter hits.
* That I can get enough healthy soup mixes for the family to have a lot of bone marrow soups to keep us strong.

I am Reading...
Several different renditions of the Jane Austen books. I draw the line at  vampire, sea monster, and zombie Darcy.
* Mina- the continued story of Bram Stokers Dracula.
* The Immigrant Brides Collection
* So many others right now.

I am Wearing...
* A pretty blue blouse and a pair of floral shorts, large indie blue and gold earrings and a large shell necklace. I did my hair and my makeup today! Go me!
* I bought some new tops to go with my new pants. OMG I look so good!
* Got my hair done. Cute highlights really helped improve my features and hides the gray perfectly. I think she cut too much off afterward but it will grow back sooner or later.

I am Creating...
* A 'Family book of photos' for each year that is designed like a scrapbook from Blurb. I have seen some really nice ones that other mom's have made. I was so amazed! It makes things a little easier to organize our photos once we take them. Why didn't we do that years ago? When I think of how many pictures we have lost over the years when we first met. Oh well. Now I know how to keep them forever in the physical world and not just on disc.
* A work area for my potting and transplanting.
* A cute gazebo family area for evening suppers outside. Complete with blue checkered tablecloth for the table.
* A more presentable side yard area where people drive up and it is the first thing they see. (Normally scattered with plastic cups and random napkins every few days that gets thrown out of the car accidentally by my daughter after going out to eat.)

I am Going...
* Corn maze (again). It is so much fun! We were lost in there for hours.
* Lowes to buy mower blades and some lumber to make a wooden cubby style nesting area for the girls. They said "nope" to the little store bought nesting box I brought home for them a few months ago.
* Out to eat and buy groceries.

I am Wondering...
Will the Government ever learn from their mistakes?

I am Praying...
*That God continues to keep us in his merciful grace and keeps us shielded from harm, and from people that might want to do us harm. I feel vulnerable when others know something private about someone in my family that I don't. Secrets can ruin families and our trust in the ones we love.

I am Looking forward to...
* Finishing my books.
* Redoing that book cover to make it more appealing.
* Hiring help when I need it. I admit I can't do it all.
* Relaxing and staying in bed watching tv.
* Getting all of the animals vaccinated and protected for winter.
* Buying a new pair of knee high boots for winter.

*More opportunities for photo ops for myself. I am always the one behind the camera so the only ones I have of myself are of the side of my head most times from holding the camera wrong for a selfie.

(We were so exhausted and sweaty by this point just finding the end of the maze was the only thing on our minds) <3

I am Learning...
*To keep the chicken's wings clipped!
I thought I heard my George down the road a little ways crowing and it scared me so bad I ran out of the house with apron strings flying behind me to make sure it wasn't him. After looking everywhere on earth for him in our yard he came out in a mad dash from underneath the coop horrified out of his mind because I was yelling for him. Gosh darned chickens are going to give me a heart attack!
* To guard my tongue. Certain things (like politics) turn me into a really snarky person and I don't mean to be that way at all. I am trying to do better. At least I am admitting my sin and sharp tongue need healing.

Things I'm Loving...
* Pumpkin & spice scented candles and airwick plugins first thing in the morning. The living room smells dreamy.
* Reading blogs about other homeschooling moms. I have made some drastic changes lately in regards to how I spend more quality time online. No celebrity or gossip blogs or social media unless it is to 'like' other family pages with more religious and faith blogs.
* Wearing a pretty sweater in the mornings.
* Brown leather boots

Amazing Insights...
* I'm too busy. I don't want to fall into the 'busy woman' syndrome so I am slowing down on a few things.
* I forgot to label some of the veggies when I planted them a few weeks ago. Apparently it was mustard greens, collard greens, and tomato. The papaya tree seedlings are doing so good right now. (They love being in a hot steamy greenhouse!)

 Around the house...
* Got the shutters painted. They look amazing!
* Thinking of placing a little white picket fence around the chicken area to make it look more appealing and to be a little safer. Even though they are already inside of our fenced yard.
* Went shopping for new socks and undies and a few pair of play-time jeans for my daughter.
* Got a new larger pen for the bunnies.
* Got my mini compost buckets drilled with holes in them then filled with leaves.
* Made an enormous salad greens garden in a bucket complete with edible flowers.
* Leaves are falling rapidly and they are really fun to crunch on as we walk.

I am Pondering...
* What to wear to the Fall festival at Church?
Most women here wear denim skirts with leather boots this time of year here in the South.
I was thinking of blending by doing the same so bought a denim skirt and a denim vest to go with it but the skirt looked much bigger in the store than it does now that I look at it twice. In my defense I only had 10 minutes to run in and basically grab a few things from the thrift store. I didn't want to pay a lot for a skirt I will wear only on occasion so it will have to do no matter what.

Quote of the day...
I stood a mendicant of God before His royal throne
And begged him for one priceless gift, which I could call my own.
I took the gift from out His hand, but as I would depart
I cried, “But Lord this is a thorn and it has pierced my heart.
This is a strange, a hurtful gift, which Thou hast given me.”
He said, “My child, I give good gifts and gave My best to thee.”
I took it home and though at first the cruel thorn hurt sore,
As long years passed I learned at last to love it more and more.
I learned He never gives a thorn without this added grace,
He takes the thorn to pin aside the veil which hides His face.
~Martha Snell Nicholson

My Favorite things...
* Naps and going to bed early.
* Watching my daughter sleep.
* Pumpkin Spice candles and airwick plugins
* Cool fall evenings
* Corn mazes and pumpkin patches
* Candy apples & Halloween candy
* Fall festivals and hay rides with my daughter

For the Rest of the week...
*Monday: Paid bills, then shopping, then to feed store for animal food.
*Tuesday: Finished errands, planted some new veggies, moved some plants out of the big buckets and into smaller pots then moved them into the greenhouse for winter.
*Wednesday: A day of rest because I am zonked!
*Thursday: Look at some books on Amazon. Consider redoing my book cover and title.
*Friday: Back to thrift store to browse around for a little while.
*Saturday: Too tired to do anything else.

A peek into my day...

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