Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

FOR TODAY July 4, 2013

HAPPY 4th of July!

Today is a day of freedom and independence. A day of celebration and family time.

Outside my window...
The rain has ceased for now after an epic week of showers, mosquito's, and flooding. Neighbor's are scurrying to get their hay brought in before the next rain comes.

I am thinking...
What a great place America is to live.

How fragile it is that she could be ruined so easily by any unscrupulous administration that might want to ruin her. Sneaks and crooks are everywhere.

Like remembering the good ole times when a President stood for something other than corruption, scandals, and lies. Where a man's word was his bond. And where you didn't see any snake oil salesmen but every once in a while. Now they are on every street corner and have found their way into our email boxes.

So many things today cause me to pause and pray, and wonder which way our Country is really headed. Do they really want our Country to be like Egypt or Syria where people just display their hatred for one another out in the streets.

We have been lucky so far to never have to live like that. Where women are safe to leave home and to go to the market if we need to unchaperoned any time that we want to. I'm not only scared for our generation but I'm scared for our future generations that are unknowingly voting their own rights away.
Pray for them and for America. Turning our face away from the problem doesn't solve it. It only makes it grow bigger.

As American's we are so blessed. Some in little ways we never see. Others in ways that protect our rights as free people. A lot of brave hard working people gave their lives so that we could live in a free Country without hooks and angles or laws that are now being used against us.

God gave us the ultimate gift of freedom. But many of us abuse it every day.
As Americans we weren't born into shackles or into slavery unless we put ourselves there by choice.
We don't have to wonder day after day where we will get our next meal from and where we will find shelter from the storm at. We are safe in our homes. Our daughters are allowed to choose the education and career that they want and later man they love and marry without force. In other Countries they are not so lucky.

I am thankful...
For growing up during the time that I did. I cried when JFK, John Lennon, and Princess Diana died. Even though most of us didn't get to know them personally because they were celebrities we knew what they stood for in this life and their lives meant something to others whether it be freedom, equal rights, and humanitarian pursuits..

And I am thankful for everything in my ebay boutique selling out.
I am cleaning out the walk in closet and selling everything we can't wear any longer. I am using a printable called 31 things. Where you can list 1 thing a day for a month and really make a difference in your closet.
I am only on the 4th day and have already made $30.00 so it is totally worth it. The idea is to clean out the whole closet and line it with bookshelves and closet organizers.

In the kitchen...
Drinking mango orange green smoothie. When you grow a lot of greens and run out of ways to use them you inevitablly start drinking them. You could say I now have a green smoothie drinking problem. But it has cured my acid reflux problem so it's all good.

I am wearing...
Capris and a pink Tractor Supply Shirt with leather rain boots. Don't judge me. It is muddy and I'm not wearing my Sunday best outside in that muck and mire.

I am creating...
A few different scrapbook pages for my daughter. Her Birthday is in September. (She was born right after 9-11)

I am going...
To Pinterest soon as I finish here. It's like meth for us creative types.

I am wondering...
Why the rooster Harry has to get up and crow at 4:30AM every single morning every five minutes until 10AM. I think he has it in for me. He is killing me slowly via lack of sleep and I am apparently the only one in the whole house that can hear him at that hour? I don't know how that is possible? Selective hearing.

How I can properly budget myself so I can get that new camera instead of having to continually use the video camera and import the snapshots frame by frame.  The old one fell on the concrete at the zoo last time we were there and when it fell it cracked the door for the batteries that is attached to the top "take picture" button. Thus whenever I use it it instantly wears down the batteries. Takes killer pics but not worth the new added harassment of bringing along dozens of extra batteries for an outing just to get a few good pics in.

I am reading...
The Love Dare for Parents and The Grace Widow

I am hoping...
That it cools down soon.
It is hot out there and the temps in the greenhouses are out of sight.
I am going through the change so I am hotter than normal this time of year. I am going cold turkey off of estrogen and I am already panicky and hot flashy. Please don't suggest faux stuff or cohosh anything because I have tried it all and none of it works for me. I have to go hose the plants in the greenhouses down first thing in the morning and then again in the afternoon as well as the chicken areas because they tend to flock toward the hottest area in the yard to sun bathe in the late afternoon.

I am looking forward to...
Having my hair done..... in a salon. I have gotten into rocking the "homstead woman look" which is long hair, gypsy-borderline primitive clothing since moving here and I don't really remember the last time I wore makeup or cut my hair. I don't look or feel very attractive right now so I have been saving my money so I can get some highlights in my dark hair and a shampoo and cut as well while there.  I really want a treat so I am gonna go and take all day about it.

I haven't spoiled myself in this way in a couple of years and I'll be the first to admit.... I have let myself go.
In the Country...Chickens don't judge or care that you don't wear makeup or nice clothes and choose to stay in carpis or sweats with work boots all day. Husband's on the other hand.... Nahhh not so much.

I am learning...
When I grew up my mother wasn't there for me in the softer ways that a mother should have been.
I want to be a better mother for my daughter. I wasn't taught about modesty until right before I was married as a young adult.
My work as a mother has been twice as hard because I had to learn everything I could about dressing modest and being chaste from scratch because I don't want my daughter to grow up living the same kind of life that I did or making the same choices that I did. I want her to be respected and treated fairly.

I dated the man I loved in Jr. High school for 20 years and he was no saint. In fact if ever there was a sinner it was him.
He liked supermodels and skimpy clothing and I tried to please him every way that I could by dressing this way to keep his attention because I had hoped-wished-dreamed that one day we would marry and live in our dream home and be the perfect power couple. I looked like an OC housewife. Suntanned skin and platnum blonde hair. I looked like Pam Anderson who was a playboy playmate and not the best of role models but was his dream girl.

Every time I pleased him by buying things for him, or paying for everything like groceries while he hoarded his money away on himself, or when I did something right I saw us moving closer to that dream. But in actuality he was using my body because it was there for his use and he had no intention of ever getting married. To anyone. Least of all me. But he made my head spin! I was happy. He was my first. I was sad. I was jealous. I was revengeful. I was filled with lust and greed for him. The devil had his way with us for years toying with both of our emotions of what we thought love was.

When I was finally brave enough and left him and later met my future husband I explained to him about what had gone wrong for us in the past relationship and how I wanted my life to be different in the future. I wanted kids. He wanted kids. Together we wanted kids. We shared common goals and our families were from the same farming and homesteading backgrounds and a few more things clicked for us as well. I wanted a stable home. And a safe haven for our children. I wanted us to be the parents to our children that we should have had raising us.

Now as an older woman and a mother I am careful what I wear. I don't want to give anyone the wrong impression of me based soley on how I dress.
Teaching my daughter about modesty has been fairly easy. She is a good listener. She understands what is expected of her and I buy her clothing that is fun for an eleven year old but also modest so that she could wear it to church.  When she grows up as a beautiful woman in Christ I don't want her to be anyone's stumbling block or second choice when dating. I don't want her to be confused or have any doubts with her self image or her womanhood where men are concerned.

Around the house...
I have started a nice household organizer in a large 3 ring binder type of notebook made from a lot of printables from amazing women like Fly Lady and Time-Warp-Wife. I have everything from what's planted and growing to what's been transplanted because if something were to happen to me would the family even know what's edible and what's not edible out there in the greenhouses? House cleaning and organizing lists and much more.

I am pondering...
To keep my nose out of it.
God is working in the life and temperament of the man I married right now and it is a tough process to watch without interfering in.

His father just died so tragically and so suddenly and it took us all by shock.  We are all still in a state of shock and disbelief. I know there is a period of grief when a parent dies because I experienced this too when my dad passed away.  I am trying to be there for him. He is trying to find his way and is feeling lost right now.

I am hoping he hears the voice of God soon in his life or he could be in some kind of situation that he can't get himself out of. Now is just the time when the devil makes himself known through greed and lust..  Even the strongest of men eventually fall from grace when temptation is near. Girls half my age and text messages.

Do you ever feel like there was one of those times in your life that time was moving too fast that you wish you could change? Well this is it for me. I don't know what is going on or what is going to happen but I am praying without ceasing because I can feel it is going to be something big.

Sometimes when we need it the most, the best people come into our lives and they may not know how deeply they touch us.  Especially when their words are loving and kind and filled with God's blessings. They lift us up and bring us great comfort in time of need. I am finding this right now. I stumbled the other day onto some great sites of women filled with spirit right after praying for finding a new circle of women to learn from. God was quick on that one ;)

A favorite quote for today...
The duties required in the seventh commandment are, chastity in body, mind, affections, words, and behavior; and the preservation of it in ourselves and others; watchfulness over the eyes and all the senses; temperance, keeping of chaste company, modesty in apparel; marriage by those that have not the gift of continency, conjugal love, and cohabitation; diligent labor in our callings; shunning all occasions of uncleanness, and resisting temptations thereunto.
~Raising Maidens of Virtue

One of my favorite things...
A garden arbor and garden gate combo with roses or jasmine trailing along its edges.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
To put up my new rooster curtains. They are so cute and whimsical. I got some rooster pot holders to go with them.

A peek into my day...

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