Sunday, June 30, 2013

Eggceptional Days

I have learned a few things about life from raising chickens.

Chickens are very intelligent creatures that know one another and have excellent memories. They have a  certain order to the way that they do things.

Hens really don't get that involved with strangers whereas a rooster will show up at the gate wondering who you are and what exactly you are doing here.

In our society today most outside influences affect our family in some way but with chickens one rooster usually rules the roost. In the chicken family one will defend another smaller family member with its life if need be. Chickens make me happy.

Yesterday was a nice quiet day. I like it when things slow down for a bit.

During the school year we had a lot of rushing to do so over summer vacation it feels good to just take things a bit slower than usual.

It feels like the day can sometimes swallow us up in a massive life long rush hour. Our poor tired bodies can feel the results.

Our family usually rushes to watch a movie and send them back to the store as soon as possible.
What happened to us? We used to keep movies for a whole week or longer and watch each of them more than once. Now it's hurry here and hurry back there day after day. We are exhausted.  Gardening is a wonderful therapy session for a hectic life.

I started a garden journal with printables to keep up with planting and empty seed packet inventory, garden planting times, cutting and cloning dates, and plant inventory. All of the little things that get forgotten if not written down.

My small aquaponics unit arrived and all I need is the micro nutrients for it and the seed pods to fill it with. I may wait and use it inside during the late fall and winter when it is harder to grow stuff outside.
 If I start it now it will just be another thing to keep track of. Right now my list of to-do items is already full enough. A whole new day is dawning and there has to be new boundaries to prevent the chickens from roaming.

I have decided to use some of the natural fence line that surrounds the house to plant beans and cantalope seeds that way they grow up the fence instead of into a certain area. I use places that are out of the way of traveling pets so they don't get trampled by little footprints.

We moved the chickens to a more shady area for their evening pen. It is in a large greenhouse that has windows and another large open door cage in it and nesting boxes underneath so the girls can get away from the boys by crawling through a small crawl space into a larger labyrinth of freedom underneath.

The boys are taller and don't like the whole idea of the smaller crawl spaces.
Everyone still goes into their nighttime pen at dark and they put themselves away without me ever having to do anything but close the greenhouse door.

This week we had to do some re-arranging of stuff in order to make more room.

The smaller greenhouses had to move to a different part of the yard and the fruit trees got moved to a shadier location to keep from burning up from where the angle of the afternoon sun is now.

We bought a large outdoor screened gazebo for evening garden use. I can't wait to decorate it with some pretty plants and little outdoor lighting strips.

I envision beautiful summer and well into late fall evenings with colorful garden caprese salads and fruit straight from the garden.

I waited until it went on sale and saved over $175.00. with the money saved I can also buy a patio furniture set and a nice table to go with it.

It's that time of the year again! Fruit time!  Yipee! Yip! Yip! My favorite time of the year!
We bought some nectarine trees and some peach trees and their fruit is delicious this time of the year while we anxiously await the blackberries to ripen. Look at these beauties we got for our 2013 harvest. Sorry about the shiny glare on everything I am using my video camera to take pics with until I can buy a new camera.

So far we have already picked 2 gallons of blackberries and so much more to go. Luckily we got just enough rain this week so that the berries will plump up a little bit more before the season is over.

Right now they are kind of small compared to the last couple of years but now is the time for fresh berries with creme fresh or home churned ice cream.

Have a blessed day.

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