Saturday, June 29, 2013

Things I love about the Country

1. The air is always fresher than being in the City.
2. The water tastes like-WATER and not heavily chlorinated or sulfur smelling stuff you drink in the City.
3. It is common to see a farmer chasing his horse, goat, pig, or cow down the road back to his house.
4. You have an ongoing contest with the neighbors down the way to see who can get the most farm animals in the least amount of time. The neighbor invested in 2 goats and 2 alpacas this year so they win over my 4 new chickens.
5. Sunrises and sunsets are more beautiful in the Country.
6. The wildlife is the real deal.
7. There is more room for gardening than in the City.
8. The seasons are more breathtaking and vibrant. Especially in the Fall, which is my favorite season.
9. It is a safer place to raise children. They love the wide open spaces and playing with pets.
10. Everyone knows everyone else and they call each other by first names. “Hi George.” “Hey Sam.”

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