Saturday, June 29, 2013

The CT shooting- A lesson for us all

In light of the CT shooting by the 20 year old austic boy I have decided to change today’s theme and entry to this subject instead.

The more information we have on the shooter the more we tend to sympathize with his poor mother. She must have been going through a lot. Having a special needs child is very hard. Not in the way you think that it is because there is so much more than just caring for the child that needs done. It can be overwhelming and emotionally and physically exhausting. What was she needing to protect herself from with all of those guns?
Did she have some sort of inner fear?

I read that she went to a bar three times per week for salads but stayed for a couple of drinks afterward, and very seldom discussed her son while there. Sometimes parents just want to take a break. Not from parenting or from loving their special needs children but just a break from the fast paced hectic life of special needs.

It becomes a whole different world of people judging, blaming, condemning, it can go on and on without end.
Public schools are supposed to be safe havens for our children and for the children of tomorrow. As parents we need to feel that they are being taken care of when they are away from us.

When/if tragedy does ever happen we wonder “what happened?” how could something like this have happened? And why on earth would that mother (or any mother not in the military doing service work) need an assault rifle?

Because it isn’t a common everyday pistol or gun that every housewife should have. And especially not a mother with an austic special needs child in the home. It just isn’t safe.

 It doesn’t matter who has been taught to use it properly. When it comes to special needs there is no day to day normal pattern that can be adapted to work from. I read in the article that she hired a babysitter and told her not to ever turn her back on him when she was there.

What kind of life would that be to live for her and for another every day to always have to watch your back like you are in a prison block. I just can’t imagine.

I chose to homeschool my daughter because she was getting picked on and bullied every day at achool. It is a tough job. I don’t see how the mother could work full time plus try to special needs homeschool.

Homeschooling itself can sometimes be draining.

It calls for us all to do some deeply religious soul searching right now. I read another article that said all of these terrible things are happening because so much of humanity has left the various forms of religion altogether. Now the world is turning into a Godless lot.

We moved to the country to get away from the high crime and busy city. It has been a godsend for us and it has been very healing to two wounded light workers.

My daughter is coming into her own sense of person-hood with her likes and dislikes. She is becoming a woman and needs to not ever have to feel like a helpless victim or be vulnerable to bad people. No matter what form they may come in.

We have put into placed a disaster plan of action in case we are out in public someday (hopefully never) and how to deal with the possibility of what could happen and how to get away quickly.

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