Saturday, June 29, 2013

New greenhouse and planting time

It is a beautiful day here at the farm.

The whole community is now in action mowing their grass, planting fields of veggies and cropping the last bails of hay from winter.

This year I have decided to pick myself up by the seat of my pants and plant some rows of blackberries where the grapes once lived. We are also making some raised beds around the yard. I may go as far as planting some blackberries down at the creek to help feed the animals that live down there for next year. I can’t wait to get things moving!

As the farming tradition would have it in my family I have planted hundreds of things for this growing season. Some have already sprouted. Life is about being creative. Especially when gardening. Using my imagination when it comes to planting ideas.

I bought another small (okay teeny) greenhouse to hold the rest of the plants now that I have turned the big greenhouse over to the chickens as their new winter-spring home.

Here we have a lot of varmints that would love to eat them so for their own safety they have to stay locked up at night. The animals of the wild don’t know any better but that still doesn’t make it okay to eat my precious baby chicks on a hunger whim.

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